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RVL Sheets

RVL script may contain one or more sheets distributed over one or more workbooks.


Sheet is an atomic building block for implementing test frameworks and sharing logic.

For example, there may be a Sheet called Login and it may be re-used by CreateNewBook, CreateExistingBook and other test scenarios that require Login logic.

Default sheet name is RVL. You may rename it. You may add more sheets.

RVL sheet is executable when it have 7 pre-defined Columns. The workbook may contain both executable and data sheets.

Calling Sheets

It is possible to do calls between scripts using RVL.DoPlayScript and RVL.DoPlaySheet.

Passing Parameters

It is possible to pass parameters between sheets. See Passing Input Parameters

Passing Maps

You may pass a Map between sheets as input parameters.

For example, here we pass a map FullLoginData:

Pass Map

as a value to override the map UserLogins on the Login sheet:

Pass Map

RVL File

Default file format for RVL scripts is an Excel workbook. It makes it easier to combine data with script logic. Any RVL file has extension .rvl.xlsx and may be open in MS Excel directly.