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How to Solve Typical Automation Issues

Object is Not Found

Q: I recorded a test, started playback and got Object Not Found message. What should I do?

A: Don't panic! There are several common reasons why an object is not found during playback.

Reason #1 (most common)

You are testing a web application and elements in this application use dynamics IDs that change on every page load.

Reason #2

You are testing a very slow application and the object is not yet available when it is needed.

Execute Tests Fast And Reliable

Let's talk about how to adjust an automated test to make it run fast and reliable.

Web Recorder Configuration

Rapise has a Web Recorder. When you start recording Rapise intercepts your keyboard and mouse and adds the UI elements you are interacting with to the Object Tree. For each such element Rapise generates an XPATH locator. Though it usually makes a great job generating XPATH locators for elements, default Web Recorder settings do not fit all Web Applications. For complex modern applications you may need to configure the Web Recorder to get the most out of it.