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Verify Object Properties Dialog

verify object properties dialog


Use the Verify Object Properties dialog during recording to add checkpoints.

How to Open

  1. First, open the Recording Activity Dialog.
  2. Position the mouse over an object and press Ctrl+1, or
  3. Press the Verify button and then click the target object with the mouse cursor.

Create a Checkpoint

Your checkpoint will be associated with a particular object.  That object's properties will be listed in the Verify Object Properties dialog.  Check those properties that you wish to verify during playback.  Enter expected values for the selected properties in the Value column.

Note: The Bitmap and BWBitmap properties are images of the object.

verify object property, height

Press the OK button.  The Verify Object Properties dialog will close, and the Recording Activity dialog will contain a new Verify action:

verify object properties recording activity

The generated script will have a corresponding assert statement: verify object properties, code

Or, in JavaScript mode:

   Tester.Assert("Verify that: InnerText=Log In", SeS('Log_In1').GetInnerText() == "Log In" );

Check Object Exists

Since Rapise 6.6 the Verify Object Properties dialog shows Exists property. It adds Global.DoWaitFor action to the recording.

Check Object Visible

Since Rapise 6.6 the Verify Object Properties dialog shows Visible property. It checks that the object is visible on screen.

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