Web Spy Settings Dialog


This dialog box displays the list of Web Spy settings and lets you change the behavior of the Web Spy tool.


How to Open

You can open this dialog box from two places:

General Settings

This dialog box has the following settings:

Different Types of XPath

The WebSpy has variety of options for XPath generation. Having a number of different approaches for generating XPath has its benefits. It gives Rapise incredible flexibility in getting the best results for different situations:

  1. Sometimes we can recognize an element by its text. In such cases the simplest and most efficient XPath will use the node text.
  2. Sometimes we have a regular structure (tables and grids) and it is better to have row and column indices inside the XPath.
  3. Sometimes we deal with an application framework that uses custom attributes (e.g. aria, angular, bootstrap). So if we use them in our XPath then it will be cleaner and more robust.


The Web Spy currently supports the following different types of XPath: