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New in Rapise 7.4 (October 2022)


  • Mixed Mode Recording (Web, Managed, UIA, Java) [IN:7436]
  • Test Set scheduling in Spira Dashboard [IN:7475]
  • Add support for the Web Component Slot element (WebSpy, XPath generator) [IN:7479]
  • Change navigation concept in Spira Dashboard - ID links must expand/collapse [IN:7502]
  • Add generic support for AgGrid web component [IN:7581]
  • Add support for Managed 64-bit desktop applications [IN:7582]
  • Add support for Java 64-bit desktop applications [IN:7583]



New Object API


  • Ability to instrument Liberica JDK for Java testing [IN:6866]
  • When a Test Case is created from Dashboard it should have one manual step [IN:7000]

    This step can be used to link an incident.

  • When link Web/Mobile test to Spira - create g_browserLibrary/g_mobileProfile param for Test Case [IN:7023]

  • Ability to add all Test Cases from a folder when adding test cases to a test set [IN:7057]

    Expand a folder, right click and use popup menu Select Child Test Cases.

  • Use Rapise Tests folder in Spira Documents for saving tests [IN:7124]

    It does not impact already saved tests, but new tests will be saved into Root\Rapise Tests folder in Spira Documents.

  • SpiraDashboard: New Folder for Test Cases and Test Sets views [IN:7128]

    Both Test Cases and Test Sets views in Spira Dashboard now have New Folder button.

  • SpiraDashboard: Test Cases view: rename Folder or Test Case [IN:7129]

    Select a folder or a test case, expand menu in Actions column and choose Rename….

  • Click on last.trp in Test Run details in Spira Dashboard should open the report in Rapise [IN:7170]

  • Upgrade JS parser to support ES2015 [IN:7325]
  • Spira Dashboard: Test Sets view: rename Test Set or Test Set Folder [IN:7326]

    Select a folder or a test set, expand menu in Actions column and choose Rename….

  • Spira Dashboard: Test Run details - open screenshot links in Rapise image viewer [IN:7334]

  • Synchronize parameters of Test Case and Rapise Test when saving to Spira [IN:7352]
  • Auto set project in Spira Dashboard based on opened test [IN:7356]
  • Propagate common parameters of the parent test to CSV editor in Spira Dashboard [IN:7360]
  • 🚀 Optimize performance of Get Snapshot in WebSpy [IN:7369]
  • Make callback hooks for SeSHandleObjectNotFound and TestLocatorHook [IN:7416]
  • Call SeSOnTestPrepare in Recorder [IN:7426]
  • 💡 Make WebDriverSession.json global to reuse browser session across tests [IN:7431]
  • 🚀 Speed up Managed locator creation [IN:7439]
  • 🚀 Optimize Spira Dashboard performance [IN:7444]
  • Add Tools/Remove All Breakpoints [IN:7450]
  • Spira Dashboard: In Framework View add Unlink from Test Case option [IN:7463]
  • Spira Dashboard: stability of loading Test Case and Test Set views and expanding/collapsing detail views [IN:7464]
  • Reorganize Rapise Library Chooser (Tools > Libraries) [IN:7466]
  • Add SeSRunNodeCommand, SeSRunNode, SeSRunNpm, SeSRunNpx [IN:7476]
  • Add support for the Web Component Slot element (WebSpy, XPath generator) [IN:7479]
  • Add a reference to the Floating License option to the Install popup window asking for activation code [IN:7493]
  • Improve recording of Combo Boxes on Web pages [IN:7500]
  • Change navigation concept in Spira Dashboard - ID links must expand/collapse [IN:7502]
  • WebSpy must show tested locators in the property grid [IN:7518]
  • Edit/View XPath/Location in ActionEditor of Recording Activity dialog [IN:7526]
  • Support for FSAL in OracleForms (standalone Java) [IN:7530]
  • Allow to explicitly choose Spy in Recording Activity dialog [IN:7539]
  • Automatically change test type when Web or Mobile library is added after test creation [IN:7540]
  • Do not show Engine in Dashboard view [IN:7547]
  • Progress Dialog for synchronizing files to/from Spira needs replacement [IN:7561]
  • Saving a sub-test to Spira before saving the Framework Root should save from the root [IN:7564]
  • Update DomSAP library to work on most recent SAP UI5 version [IN:7577]
  • 💡 Remove Settings / Browser menu item [IN:7578]

    It was for legacy browsers and we should now better use next to profiles instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Rename for a test does not work [IN:6933]
  • Delete Test Case parameter that is used in a Test Set - no message [IN:7015]
  • Test Matrix hides info if selected parameter values are not unique [IN:7056]
  • Save to Spira hangs when saving to removed test case [IN:7333]
  • Playback via Selenium - SetText is slow [IN:7342]
  • Problem updating custom properties of a Test Set when GitPassword was never set [IN:7343]
  • Selenium Recorder - save session information immediately after opening a browser [IN:7347]
  • SpiraDashboard multiple refresh on Save to Spira [IN:7348]
  • Selenium Recorder stops working after switching to and then closing a Popup window [IN:7368]
  • OnBeforeUnload event is not handled in Selenium Recorder [IN:7370]
  • Navigator.LaunchBrowser is missing in Selenium library [IN:7375]
  • Navigator.Open should navigate when URL is non-empty [IN:7376]
  • Dash symbol in tags inside Shadow Root breaks XPath generators [IN:7377]
  • Global.SetClipboardText crash on date string in Nodejs [IN:7382]
  • Selenium Chrome silent crash on test playback or profile test when App Paths is missing in Registry [IN:7417]
  • WebSpy is slow when working with large pages [IN:7428]
  • Corrupted Dashboard.json breaks whole Spira Dashboard [IN:7430]
  • Java/OracleForms auto detection slows down recording of Java SWT applications [IN:7438]
  • REST editor refresh issue [IN:7441]
  • Show test properties when selecting root repository node in Test Objects [IN:7447]
  • Save test when test case was deleted in Spira - no error [IN:7454]
  • Navigator.Close must close browser even if there are opened alerts [IN:7498]
  • iFrame within Shadow DOM is shown as empty in WebSpy [IN:7503]
  • Do Try Action without debugger - it is crashing on g_executionMonitor [IN:7544]
  • Salesforce: ComboBox.DoSelectItem, ListBox.DoSelectItem not working [IN:7546]
  • Test clone does not update g_rvlScriptPath in UI and RVL button opens wrong file [IN:7548]
  • RVL: Variable name in Param line is not highlighted when inside Assert statement [IN:7551]
  • Navigator.SelectBrowserProfile - unable to switch from Edge to Firefox [IN:7552]
  • Not all INPUT types are recorded [IN:7553]
  • Activation Status dialog in Floating mode must show correct information [IN:7558]
  • Save to Spira dialog - 1st column is too narrow [IN:7562]
  • HTML markup in test report breaks styles in Spira Dashboard [IN:7565]
  • Spira Save/Load is slow when there are many document folders in Documents module [IN:7570]
  • DevExpress: Grid.DoFullText stopped working [IN:7585]