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New in Rapise 6.3 (January 2020)



RVL Enhancements & Improvements

New Object API


  • Ability to pass Firefox args and prefs from Selenium Settings dialog [IN:5266]
  • Save As in Image Viewer [IN:5223]
  • Show Warnings tab on test open and save only [IN:5235]
  • Always show last report as just 'Report' instead of full name [IN:5236]
  • Replace Source Modified Message Box with less annoying, non blocking notifier [IN:5237]
  • Show error if we can not Flash/Highlight object because it's coordinates are null [IN:5359]
  • Display error message if out.log is locked by another process [IN:5351]
  • Support for Unicode symbols in Object IDs (Hebrew, Chinese, etc) [IN:5286]
  • In WebSpy add context menu Learn for DOM elements in the tree [IN:5306]

Bug Fixes

  • HTMLObject.PageTitle returns recorded title instead of playback-time value [IN:4895]
  • RapiseLauncher checks out files as modified [IN:4916]
  • UIATreeWithButton recording is broken [IN:5389]
  • UIAutomation Spy is slow on long lists [IN:5360]
  • UIAutomation, FindByText does not take object_type into account [IN:5358]
  • RapiseLauncher - fist time connecting to Spira - stays in Paused mode until restart [IN:5356]
  • Locked idetasks.json prevents cmd/sesexecutor to run the tests [IN:5350]
  • Test editor window closes after object re-learn [IN:5124]
  • ExecJS does not have access to document and window if called without element [IN:5216]
  • When sub-test is not found - Rapise stops loading test [IN:5232]
  • Database.DoSequential skips first row [IN:5282]
  • Screenshots fail when mobile test is executed for the first time [IN:5281]
  • Old web service entries stay in the tree when switching between WS tests [IN:5291]
  • Error message in create new test dialog when test case is created in Spira [IN:5317]
  • Autocompletion in RVL may be annoying [IN:5337]
  • RVL "Params" button keeps only 1st param, and resets other [IN:5377]
  • Error adding row to RVL [IN:4988]