Automated Reporting


Each time you playback a test, Rapise automatically generates a report detailing the steps of the test, the data values used, and the outcome of each step.


Execute your test using the instructions here.  When the test is complete a report file (ending in .trp) will open in the Content View.  It will look like this:


The first row (with a white background) is used for Report Filtering.  The rows below that each represent a step in the test.  The rows with green text represent success; the rows with red text represent failure. You can reposition the columns by dragging and dropping the column names.

The Columns

Drag a column header here...

report, drag a column here

Use to order by the values in the chosen column.  The result of dragging the Status column over looks like this:

report, status dragged.zoom70

You can expand each item to see the corresponding report rows:

report, status dragged, expanded.zoom70

Drag the Status icon back to undo the sort:

report, status dragged back.zoom70


Whenever Name starts with TODO the viewer automatically does the following:

If you hover over last execution status in Rapise main window, the tooltip would contain then total number of TODO items found in the report (i.e. TODO counter):

TODO Counter

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