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New in Rapise 6.5 (July 2020)




RVL Enhancements & Improvements

  • Map Range: Add dropdown for File Name [IN:5561]
  • Map Range: Auto-read column names from attached Excel [IN:5562]
  • Show real names of additional columns [IN:5563]
  • Ctrl+P shortcut to act as click on Params button on the toolbar in RVL [IN:5589]
  • In RVL automatically do Tab when selection is done in the dropdown [IN:5637]
  • When choosing an action with 1 parameter, automatically jump to ParamValue [IN:5638]
  • Flash from RVL popup menu [IN:5657]
  • RVL - do recursive WORKDIR search to suggest .sstest and Object Repositories [IN:5674]
  • For all path parameters in RVL offer to open in the popup menu [IN:5721]
  • Show available sheets for RVL.DoPlaySheet/RVL.DoPlayScript [IN:5722]
  • Show new row (scroll up) when adding a new row at line 2 [IN:5728]
  • RVL call generator for Main.js should use Tester.GetParam for sheetName [IN:5762]

New Object API

Window/Tab Manipulation


  • Chrome extension updated to use the latest technology [IN:5610]
  • DoClick in Web, Generic and UIAutomation libraries now supports width/height % offsets [IN:5162]
  • Self-healing locator should skip first attempts to find an object [IN:5629] [IN:5716]
  • Change Object Tree context menu - Rename instead of Remove [IN:5634]
  • Implement g_objectNameMaxLength. If name of a recorded object is greater than this value it is truncated. Default is 32. [IN:5650]
  • Replace dashes in the meeting ID (Help > Remote Assistance) [IN:5653]
  • If Object is not found error and we click on the link with the error line - reveal the object in the Object Tree [IN:5656]
  • WebAppProfile - implement clickable handler [IN:5663]
  • Show XPATH menuitem in RVL popup menu [IN:5667]
  • Configurable timeout for DoFindElement. Affects Chrome and Firefox. Implemented as g_domFindElementTimeout. Default value is 2 seconds. [IN:5680]
  • Enter non-breaking space in WebSpy using Shift+Space [IN:5713]
  • HTMLObject.DoSetText in native events mode should allow to clear text [IN:5715]
  • Rename Object in the Object Tree/RVL should also change objectId params [IN:5723]
  • Enable Crash Dumps for Rapise.exe and RapiseLauncher.exe [IN:5724]
  • Change default DOM tree loading timeout from 10 seconds to 60 seconds [IN:5725]
  • Do<Type>Click, DoMouseMove - make x, y optional [IN:5726]
  • Add basic authentication support for Web [IN:5732]
  • HTMLObject.DoSetText in native mode should send text as is [IN:5738]

Bug Fixes

  • Undo in RVL sheet [IN:5530]
  • Tester.FailTest does not set test status to false [IN:5592]
  • RVL allows params without name [IN:5597]
  • Chrome - sometimes y-coordinate calculated wrongly [IN:5609]
  • Undo is inconsistent in RVL in some cases [IN:5636]
  • RVL, Range Map parameter types are not highlighted [IN:5649]
  • SAP combobox may not be recorded if it has no name (label) [IN:5668]
  • SAP input with open button may not be recorded in some cases [IN:5669]
  • Fix scaling in Navigator.DpiScaleX/DpiScaleY [IN:5679]
  • HTMLObject.DoDOMQueryValue is not implemented in LibSelenium [IN:5696]
  • Mobile Spy does not see Local Profiles [IN:5755]
  • Test Clone works incorrectly on non-standard Main.js [IN:5761]
  • RVL does not show an error when End tag is missing [IN:5763]