Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots during test playback may serve various purposes:

  1. Provide clues for test failure analysis
  2. Document test execution. It may be required by a company policy.
  3. Screenshots can be used to generate test documentation and even user's guides.

Rapise can make screenshots automatically after every action or on-demand at specific points of test execution.

Automatic Screenshots

To enable automatic screenshots after every action use Screen Capture test settings.

Note: Automatic screenshots are supported for Desktop and Web applications and not supported for Mobile.


If before recording session you will set in Screen Capture

then after recording Rapise will generate the screen flow HTML document

recording html in file tree

with content like

recording html in browser

Note: We recorded Login/Logout scenario on Library Information System sample application, see web testing tutorial for more details.


If before execution you will set in Screen Capture

then after playback Rapise will generate the screen flow document

execution html in file tree

Link to the document is also available in the report

execution html in report

Content of the document looks like

execution html

Note: If an object is not available on screen after action on it then Rapise takes screenshot of the whole desktop window. You can see it in step #5 above, login button disappeared after clicking it.

Note: Also Rapise always takes additional screenshot of the whole desktop window at the end of test execution. Even if the test was terminated because of a failed assertion. See step #7 below.

execution finished

Embed Screenshots Into Report

Execution screenshots described above are stored in the local file system and if a test report is uploaded to SpiraTest then these screenshots are not uploaded.

To embed screenshots into execution reports and make them available in SpiraTest, set

in Screen Capture settings.

In Rapise screenshots are embedded before each action

embedded rapise

Screenshots in SpiraTest

embedded spiratest

Suppressing Screenshots

Sometimes it makes sense to temporarily disable screenshot capturing. Learn how to do this in

On-Demand Screenshots

It is also possible to take screenshots at specific points of test execution. The way of doing it depends on the test target.


This method works both for desktop applications and web applications running on the same machine as Rapise.

Use global Tester object and it's action to take screenshot of an object, specific window or whole desktop.


This method works well if you plan to run a web test on remote machines via Selenium WebDriver.

Use global Navigator object and it's Navigator.DoScreenshot action.


To make a screenshot on mobile target use

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