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Rapise Cheat Sheet

Global Shortcuts

Ctrl+S - Save All: Save current test and all open documents

Shift+Ctrl+F - Find in Files

F1 - Show Help for the selected item (source token, selected object in Object tree, selected object in RVL editor)

Ctrl+Z - Undo

Ctrl+Y - Redo

RVL Editor

Ctrl+I - Insert Row

Ctrl+D- Delete Row

Shift+Enter - Add Row After

Ctrl+Down - Show dropdown for the current cell

F2 - enter edit mode for the selected cell (So LEFT and RIGHT keys move the cursor in the editor field)

Ctrl+P - show optional params for a selected action

Source Editor

Ctrl+C - Copy

Ctrl+V - Paste

Ctrl+X - Cut

Ctrl+A - Select All

Ctrl + / - Comment/Uncomment selected block of JS code.

Tab - Tabify Selection

Shift+Tab - Untabify selection

Ctrl+0 - Collapse all foldings

Ctrl+1 - Collapse folding level 1

Shift+Ctrl+1 - Expand folding level 1

Ctrl+2 - Collapse folding level 2

Shift+Ctrl+2 - Expand folding level 2

Ctrl+3 - Collapse folding level 3

Shift+Ctrl+3 - Expand folding level 3

Ctrl+4 - Collapse folding level 4

Shift+Ctrl+4 - Expand folding level 4

F9 - Toggle breakpoint

F12 - Find definition of the selected function/variable

Source Debugger

F5 - Continue executing script

F11 - Step Into Function/Procedure

Shift+F11 - Step out

F10 - Step Over

Shift+F5 - Terminate Script Execution

Recording Activity Dialog

Ctrl+1 - Verify element under cursor

Ctrl+2 - Learn object under cursor

Ctrl+3 - Finish

Ctrl+5 - Show Spy

Execution Monitor

Shift+Ctrl+F12 - Terminate Execution

Spy: UIAutomation, Java, Accessible, Managed

Ctrl+G - Start tracking / Stop tracking and show currently selected object properties

Web Spy

Ctrl+G - Get snapshot Ctrl+T - Start/stop tracking

Special Shortcuts

Shift+Ctrl+E - Add Engine as a Sub-Test Shift+Ctrl+F5 - Generate Global Object Metadata: (shortcut only works in source editor with a file containing SeSGlobalObject).