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In RVL Action always refers to an operation performed with object.

Flow Type Object Action ParamName ParamType ParamValue
Action MyButton DoClick x number 5
Param y number 7

If row type is Action then there must be Object and Action cells defined.

Note: In this example we call an operation that would look in JavaScript as follows:


Object Actions

Object is an ID of learned or Global object. Available objects may be found in the Object Tree:

Object Tree

Object tree contains list of available objects, including:

  1. Local objects (1) learned recorded or learned from the application under test.

  2. Global object. Always available set of objects containing most common utility functions and operations.

  3. Functions. Represent global JavaScript functions. Each time you define a global function in .user.js file it becomes available for calling from RVL with special object ID Functions.


Each Object has its own set of actions. You may also see them in the object tree:

Object Tree

An Action may have any number of parameters. See Params for more info.

Editing Action

An Action may have both mandatory and optional params. When action is selected from the dropdown its params are displayed:

DoLaunch parameters

By default RVL editor pre-fills only mandatory params for you when you select an action from the dropdown. In this example DoLaunch has one mandatory parameter cmdLine so here is what you get when you select it:

DoLaunch parameters

However the situation is differs if you hold the Shift key while choosing an Action from the dropdown:

DoLaunch parameters

You may see that all parameters are applied in this case.

  • Note: if you you already have have the same action and select it with Shift key again, no optional params are applied. You need to clean the Action cell and re-select it with Shift if you want to achieve the desired effect.


Action without parameters Action without parameters

Action with single parameter. In RVL each parameter takes one line with Action=Param. However for the 1st param there is an exception. It may occupy the same line as Action itself: Action with single parameter

Action with many parameters: Many parameters