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Extracting Test Data From an Excel Spreadsheet


Often you want to be able to parameterize your Rapise tests to have a common set of test functions that can use different combinations of test data. You can use a MS-Excel spreadsheet to store the test data and use Rapise to read out the matching values. This articles provides a sample for doing this.

In this example we have a spreadsheet that contains some lookup data:

Test Test Data
Test1 valuetest1
Test2 valuetest2
Test3 valuetest3
Test4 valuetest4
Test5 valuetest5

We want to dynamically query this Excel sheet and find the test data associated with a specific case. For example if we query for Test2 we want to return back the test data valuetest2.

The function that will do this uses the built-in Spreadsheet object:

function FindValueFromFile(filename, valueToFind)
    //Open the spreadsheet
    var success = Spreadsheet.DoAttach(filename, 'Sheet1');
    Tester.Assert('Open Spreadsheet', success);
    //Now loop through and see if we can find that value
    var rowCount = Spreadsheet.GetRowCount();
    Spreadsheet.SetRange(2, rowCount + 1, 1, 2);
    //Loop through all the rows and find the match
    var data = '';
        if (Spreadsheet.GetCell(0) == valueToFind)
            data = Spreadsheet.GetCell(1);
    return data;

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