Create New Test Dialog


Create a new Rapise test. You have the option of either connecting to Spira and storing the new test in our central test management system or simply saving the new test locally.

The test may be a root of the bigger test framework. In this case it is recommended to check KB 371.

How to Open

Simply choose File > New Test on the File menu.

(a) Creating in Spira

By default Rapise will ask you to save the new test into the Spira test management system:


Assuming that you have already configured the connection to Spira, first you need to select the project in Spira. That will then display the test case folders and test cases in Spira:


If there is already a test case in Spira that has not already been linked to Rapise then you can simply select that test case, which will display any existing manual test steps that exist:


If this is the test case you want to associate the new Rapise test with, then simply click Create from Spira.

If you want to create a new test case in Spira to use, simply click New Test Case:


Then enter the name of the new test case and click OK. Once it has been created you can then select it in the test case list and click Create from Spira.

Sometimes there is no existing folder inside Spira that makes sense to use. In which case you can first use the New Folder button to create an empty folder that new test cases can be created in:


Regardless of which option you choose, before you click Create from Spira, you have the choice of test methodology to use.

Currently there are four methodologies available in Rapise:

If you do not plan on using Spira for managing your test scripts (or you are not able to connect when you want to create the test), you can click on the Create Locally... to just create the test case locally (see next section). You can always save to Spira later on.

Once you have created the test, Rapise will ask you to choose the Scripting language (RVL or JavaScript).

(b) Creating Locally

If you choose the option to Create Locally the following dialog box is displayed:

create new test dialog

You need to enter the following information and click Create:

Once you click Create, Rapise will ask you to choose the Scripting language (RVL or JavaScript). Once you have chosen the scripting language, the new test will be created and saved locally.