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New in Rapise 6.4 (May 2020)




  • Support for Cookies in the REST client [IN:4845]
  • Rename.. sub-test in the Test Files view [IN:5446]
  • Clone... sub-test in the Test Files view [IN:5447]
  • Add flag to control recording of URLs in Web tests [IN:5463]
  • IFRAME support in SAP UI5 applications [IN:5493]
  • Dynamics NAV, support for Show more/fewer fields in Fast Tabs [IN:5494]
  • WebAppProfile, anchors pointing to specific elements [IN:5516]
  • WebAppProfile, add configuration for clickable elements [IN:5522]
  • WebAppProfile, add support for Text [IN:5569]
  • WebAppProfile, add support for Handlers [IN:5570]
  • Add Remote Assistance option to Help menu [IN:5567]
  • Ability to set path for local Browser and Mobile profiles [IN:5405]

RVL Enhancements & Improvements

  • From,To params in Map Range made optional [IN:4701]
  • Drag & Drop of *.rvl.xlsx into JS and RVL now generates DoPlayScript [IN:4757]
  • RVL to suggest getter/setter optional parameters [IN:5342]
  • RVL Assert == should output compared values to the report [IN:5372]
  • Copy-Paste of a Map should not truncate columns after H [IN:5401]
  • Do not wipe parameters if underscore added to action name in RVL (_Do) [IN:5406]
  • RVL.DoPlayTest should suggest available sub-tests for pathToTest parameter [IN:5414]
  • RVL quick access toolbar items changed [IN:5437]
  • Recorder adds new line to Test function (RVL mode) [IN:5438]
  • Insert lines in RVL should insert between lines [IN:5503]
  • _Do actions in RVL should automatically use params from Do actions [IN:5509]
  • Always add rows when doing Paste in RVL [IN:5529]
  • RVL Shift+Enter should insert a line after [IN:5532]
  • RVL Editor: automatically add defaultValue when variable type is selected as Global [IN:5533]
  • Support boolean values in RVL map [IN:4646]

New Object API


  • Rapise Launcher now immediately polls Spira when launched [IN:3800]
  • New menu item: Tools -> Rapise Launcher [IN:5183]
  • Ctrl-Shift-T in Web Spy to save DOM snapshot + screenshot
  • UIAList performance optimized [IN:5314]
  • Save To Spira dialog must ignore Reports folder [IN:5420]
  • Create Sub-Test should automatically inherit Browser profile from a parent test [IN:5423]
  • JavaScript syntax checker improvements [IN:5425] [IN:5427]
  • If object type is not known metadata - RVL should get it from parent object type [IN:5435]
  • Spreadsheet editor - we need Format Cells functionality [IN:5436]
  • Clicks on SELECT and OPTION should not be recorded [IN:5439]
  • Add File... by relative path if it is in the same framework (parent test) [IN:5452]
  • Allow to pass rule to SeSUIAutomationFindByAutomationId [IN:5468]
  • Unmodified Main.rvl.xlsx should not be saved to disk when user Saves All [IN:5491]
  • Enable JS type hints for SeS objects (i.e. HTMLObject) [IN:5507]
  • Remove Manual Test icon from the toolbar [IN:5510]
  • Global.DoLoadObjects should add warning to the report when an object already exists [IN:5515]
  • In Self-Healing add option to skip capture of recording screenshots [IN:5524]
  • Update support for Dynamics 365 for Operations [IN:5536]
  • Show Error View if recording failed because of an error in JS [IN:5537]
  • Open Test dialog should use current test's folder by default [IN:5538]
  • Automatic screenshots for Web should capture just browser content [IN:5544]
  • Make new web/mobile profiles 'Local' by default [IN:5551]
  • Save to Spira improvements and bug fixes [IN:5492]
  • Use Navigator.NativeEvents in DoSetCheck to do real clicks [IN:5573]
  • Chrome: do EnsureVisible before Click if element is not visible or partially visible [IN:5571]
  • Improvements to Dynamics 365 for Sales support [IN:5574]
  • Convert UsingDatabase sample to RVL [IN:4882]
  • Suppress onbeforeunload event prompt [IN:5576]

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect RVL > JS generated for image compare checkpoint [IN:5210]
  • Save in SOAP editor forces Main.js reload [IN:5292]
  • Learn from Web Spy in Maintenance mode [IN:5316]
  • When starting debugging - Find Results pane is shown[IN:5402]
  • Sometimes highlighting disappears in RVL [IN:5410]
  • WebSpy settings: ShowInternalID = false is ignored [IN:5422]
  • Sub-test settings not reloaded if sub-test is modified in another copy of Rapise [IN:5424]
  • After Flash we see Warnings tab activated, but expecting Output [IN:5428]
  • Error trying to delete log file (Flash after Flash) [IN:5429]
  • Clear Selection not working in RVL [IN:5466]
  • Crash on recording when Global.SendKeys action is recorded [IN:5467]
  • REST files save is not working with Ctrl-S and global save [IN:5490]
  • Error connecting to project after switching between Spira instances [IN:5481]
  • Objects.metadata contains garbage when all objects are removed from the object tree [IN:5498]
  • Modified icon is not removed from the File view when a file is closed without saving [IN:5502]
  • Tools->Libraries replaces %...% variables in lib names [IN:5514]
  • RapiseLauncher - Entries.json - incorrect versions of files [IN:5523]
  • RVL Wrap into loop takes more than selected [IN:5531]
  • Rapise Launcher Error in Startup if Config is incorrect [IN:5534]
  • RVL Del Row is not working when cell is in edit mode [IN:5535]
  • "Test" not working in Firefox profiles [IN:5550]
  • RVL.Return message is not assigned to LastResult [IN:5554]
  • Not possible to change object name for Verify stmt in Recording Activity dialog [IN:5572]