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New in Rapise 7.1 (September 2021)




New Object API


  • RVL.DoPlaySheet and RVL.DoPlayScript should write a line into report [IN:5992]
  • Automatically fix Spira Properties in sstest file if opened from a test case clone [IN:6546]
  • Sign all possible executables [IN:6552]
  • RapiseLauncher should report more specific error when we try to run a test on non-existent automation host [IN:6553]
  • UIAutomation library: Improve recording speed when an object has many child items [IN:6566]
  • Improve Telerik RadGridView recording [IN:6567]
  • Update doc for Map.GetRowIndexByName [IN:6593]
  • Spira dashboard should have spinner for long operations [IN:6617]
  • Copy test set custom properties and parameters if running from Spira Dashboard (execute on host) [IN:6626]
  • Improve formatting of code generated by recorder [IN:6627]
  • Unlink from Spira - delete Repository and Entries jsons [IN:6635]
  • REST editor column resize [IN:6639]
  • Store Start Page and Spira Dashboard zoom level in Rapise settings [IN:6669]
  • DXComboBoxEdit - improve GetSelectedText [IN:6670]
  • Source Editor - save font size when file is saved [IN:6674]
  • Add "Text Editor" section in the global settings [IN:6691]
  • RVL - New Sheet - Cancel does not cancel [IN:6706]
  • Pass spira config path the test from RapiseLauncher [IN:6753]

Bug Fixes

  • Web Spy - exit from tracking mode does not respect maximized Spy state [IN:6551]
  • Spira Dashboard: Test Cases view: if no test cases, all folders shown opened [IN:6558]
  • Save .LIC file to ProgramData [IN:6580]
  • Spira Connection Settings not applied if new API Key is entered in Spira Settings [IN:6633]
  • Link a test to Spira Test Case - .ssetst file is not saved for a sub-test [IN:6634]
  • Spy is not opened in some cases [IN:6696]
  • Flash broken for objects with ' in name (d'une Application) [IN:6705]