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New in Rapise 7.2 (February 2022)



New Object API


  • Read column names for Excel binding in RVL [IN:6543]
  • Select and execute several test cases from the main page of Spira Dashboard [IN:6768]
  • Quick way to add tests from main page of Spira Dashboard to a test set [IN:6769]
  • Show Release column for Test Sets and Test Runs in Spira Dashboard [IN:6771]
  • Filters to view My Assigned Test Cases/Test Sets in Spira Dashboard [IN:6772]
  • RapiseLauncher - add Open Log file button to Client Setup page [IN:6775]
  • RapiseLauncher - indicate that Git clone or Spira repository download is in progress [IN:6776]
  • Spira Dashboard - Test Set details - move Git custom properties to bottom [IN:6777]
  • Show parameters on Test Run page in Spira Dashboard [IN:6784]
  • Move Spira Dashboard. settings file to ProgramData [IN:6813]
  • Dashboard - create Password type custom property for GitPassword [IN:6816]
  • Remember list of selected columns for major tables in Spira Dashboard [IN:6823]
  • Spira Dashboard - framework page - show RVL, User, Objects link for tests [IN:6836]
  • Spira Settings - use machine name as automation token (default value) [IN:6843]
  • Add Test Set Status graph on main page of Spira Dashboard [IN:6871]
  • Create new test case right from the main page of Spira Dashboard [IN:6875]
  • Usability improvements for Spira Dashboard [IN:6899]
  • Flash in Selenium (when connected via debuggerAddress) [IN:6906]
  • Remove Test Sets in Progress from main dashboard page [IN:6923]
  • More flexible way to expand/collapse framework folders on the main page of the dashboard [IN:6924]
  • Read pixel color in ImageWrapper [IN:6952]
  • On multi monitor system Rapise should capture desktop that contains the object [IN:6967]
  • Add Test Git Credentials button to Test Set details in Spira Dashboard [IN:7012]

Bug Fixes

  • Tab naming for Main.xlsx may be incorrect [IN:5955]
  • List of SOAP endpoints clears on pressing Save [IN:6259]
  • Web: detect situations when element is visible but overlapped with another one [IN:6750]
  • Cancel Execution does not work in RapiseLauncher [IN:6762]
  • Adding new sheet does not mark RVL as modified [IN:6766]
  • col param name recorded for DoClickCell in Swing Table [IN:6774]
  • Ctrl+F may not work in source editor in some cases [IN:6782]
  • Close button in RVL Toolbox has no effect [IN:6810]
  • Android - default XPath may be calculated incorrectly [IN:6820]
  • Test Run details in Test Cases are always empty [IN:6825]
  • Status indication is incorrect when updating test schedule in RapiseLauncher [IN:6846]
  • RVL.DoPlaySheet does not offer just created sheet name in the dropdown [IN:6854]
  • RapiseLauncher starts with not fully loaded form [IN:6855]
  • Navigator.ExecJS 2nd parameter missing in RVL [IN:6864]
  • Problem adding a custom property if already defined properties are not sequential [IN:6868]
  • License activation is broken for DMO codes [IN:6869]
  • Java: javaUniqueObjectString should use hashCode [IN:6886]
  • Error attaching to Chrome debug port via Selenium [IN:6888]
  • RVL: Rapise does not highlight orphaned End statements [IN:6915]
  • SoftAssertSet requires wrong number of parameters [IN:6918]
  • JS debugger strange behavior if throw is last before else [IN:6927]
  • Empty GitRoot custom parameter corrupts test case path [IN:6934]
  • Test Connection broken in RapiseLauncher settings [IN:6946]
  • REST recording corrupts Objects.js [IN:6970]
  • UIAutomation may record two different objects as one [IN:6971]
  • Access to 'web-service.log' is denied [IN:7003]
  • Selenium driver executables stay running when CreateDriver fails [IN:7004]