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New in Rapise 7.0 (June 2021)



New Object API


  • Show Test saved successfully message after saving test to Spira [IN:5914]
  • If Repository folder configured in Spira Settings is invalid - do not save settings [IN:5915]
  • Trim Test Name and Folder in Create New Test dialog [IN:5970]
  • RapiseLauncher - auto screenshots should do nothing for Mobile and API [IN:6137]
  • Remember full screen state of Mobile Spy [IN:6166]
  • Combine Discovery and Maintenance modes in Web and Mobile Spy [IN:6166]
  • Pass g_spiraProjectName, g_spiraTestSetName, g_spiraTestCaseName, g_spiraReleaseName to executed test from RapiseLauncher [IN:6186]
  • Reload list of project when switching between Spira instances [IN:6190]
  • Include certain actions of the Global object into execution report [IN:6208]
  • Make it easier to switch between sub-tests of a framework (via Spira Dashboard) [IN:6209]
  • Improve RVL Toolbox search [IN:6247]
  • Open KB & Help Topics on double click in RVL Toolbox [IN:6261]
  • Go to Symbol: add shortcut and improve the functionality [IN:6460]
  • Use "+" to add folder in Files/Show all files view [IN:6475]
  • Make Browser Created message in the report more informative [IN:6485]

Bug Fixes

  • Rapise.CDM gets corrupted in some cases [IN:6219]
  • Firefox recorder is broken in Node & custom g_browserExecutablePath [IN:6232]
  • Chrome popup recording sticks for 10 seconds [IN:6233]
  • Unlink from Spira should also reset repository type [IN:6244]
  • RapiseLauncher may include error.log and video file from previous execution of the same test set [IN:6245]
  • Rapise load hangs if .rest file is missing [IN:6257]
  • RVL Toolbox should open links in the new browser tab [IN:6240]
  • REST 'PATCH' is missing in the dropdown [IN:6272]
  • SOAP CreateScript fails when Main.js points to a wrong location [IN:6274]
  • WebSpy/MobileSpy are broken in Node mode [IN:6310]
  • Global.DoLaunch does not work for .cmd files [IN:6448]
  • Assert message expression is broken [IN:6451]
  • Open document list is not saved when Rapise is closed [IN:6463]
  • RVL.DoPlayTestParallel dropdown is empty [IN:6474]
  • Ignore Object Name is Broken on Login/Logout in LIS [IN:6476]
  • Allow making actual screenshot in browser mode [IN:6484]
  • UI Automation Locator: record - flash not working in Unified Service Desk in some cases [IN:6516]
  • Navigator.KillBrowser is not working after unsuccessful Navigator.Close [IN:6517]