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New in Rapise 6.7 (February 2021)


  • Support for NodeJS as JavaScript execution engine in Rapise
  • RapiseLauncher: Test Set attachments, CLI enhancements, RDP disconnect and screen resolution
  • Mobile: SeeTest instrumented mode support and usability fixes
  • REST: Bearer token, parameters in request headers and credentials, JS callbacks
  • Amazon Web Services: support for AWS secrets and Amazon Device Farm (browser testing)



New Object API


  • Optimize Save to Spira for the case of thousands of files in Reports folder [IN:5976]
  • When Reports folder contains many files - reloading of the files tree is slow [IN:5981]
  • Use CEF (Chromium based web browser) to display Start Page, Spira Dashboard and Help [IN:6060]
  • SeSObject > Behavior: Allow overriding properties [IN:6064]
  • Allow Remove all from Disk for folders [IN:6103]
  • Global.GetProperty should log an error if Config.json can not be parsed successfully [IN:6132]
  • Allow recording REST actions a) including failed b) with short name c) without objects [IN:6138]
  • Mobile: show wait cursor indicator immediately when a tool is pressed on the toolbar [IN:6142]
  • Mobile: if app parameter is invalid the Spy should provide meaningful error report [IN:6144]
  • Do not show functions marked with @private or @ignore in User Functions node of the Object Tree [IN:6140]
  • Do not show Test, TestInit, TestPrepare, TestFinish in User Functions node of the Object Tree [IN:6154]
  • Auto detect numbers and bools for REST parameters [IN:6159]
  • Add support for FIPS compliant AES algorithm to RapiseLauncher/Rapise [IN:6199]

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile: fail to get snapshot if PageSource XML contains text nodes [IN:6049]
  • Mobile: newCommandTimeout capability does not work with SeeTest [IN:6135]

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    To fix open the mobile profile in Rapise 6.7, change newCommandTimeout value and save the profile.

  • TelerikGridView.DoClickCell is broken [IN:6133]

  • DomDynamicsNAV library is incompatible with the latest Business Central version [IN:6115]
  • DomDynamicsAXTabControl - tab selection not working because of MS update [IN:6096]
  • DynamicsAXTable need fixes for the table with filters [IN:6043]
  • DynamicsAXTable - grid column is not found by name if a cell is selected [IN:6040]
  • DXComboBoxEdit - not able to read default value of a lookup [IN:5986]
  • Tab navigation is not possible with DXDocumentHost [IN:5985]
  • Out of memory if object is not found in a Sub-Test when StopOnError = false [IN:5993]
  • RVL - optional params of action before If removed 1st line of If [IN:5991]