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Semi-Manual Testing


This is a useful technique when you want to have a predominantly manual test (executed by a tester) that has some steps that are automated by Rapise. These could be some of the initial setup tasks (e.g. logging in, starting the application) or just tasks that are well suited to automation.


Create your manual test either using the recorder or the manual test editor. You can also just open up a test already created in Spira.

Next, inside Rapise, create a test scenario (function) that contains the necessary login. In this example we shall simply automate the launching of MS-Paint.

Create a function in the User.js file with the following code:

function LaunchMsPaint()

Now go to the Manual Steps section of Rapise by clicking on the Tools > Manual Steps menu.

Inside the first test step (for example), change the Description to the following:

//User starts up the MS-Paint Application

This will be contained within the actual test step itself:


Now, when you execute the test (using the normal Execute button on the main Test toolbar (not the Execute Manual icon on the Manual Toolbar ) what happens is that Rapise will execute the main Test() function that contains:

//########## Script Steps ##############

function Test()


this instructs Rapise to use the manual playback system. However when it gets to the first step, it will see the ampersand symbol (@) that denotes that this is actually an automated scenario and then call the following code:

//User starts up the MS-Paint Application

Once the scenario has completed, Rapise will then return back to the manual test playback.

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