RVL.DoPlaySheet and RVL.DoPlayScript

DoPlayScript(/**String*/scriptPath, /**String*/sheetName)

Play RVL sheet sheetName from workbook scriptPath.


Play RVL sheet sheetName from current workbook.

Passing Input Parameters

Extra parameters [extraParams] used in these calls are default values for local variables defined in the destination scripts.

So the following call:

Extra Params Call

passes User=ExtUser, Password=ExtPassword, OtherVarName=somevalue to the destination script. It may now be used as follows:

Extra Param Values

So local variable User is assigned to value ExtUser when called. However, if you play this sheet using Play Sheet then this variable would have value DefUser.

This helps to make sheets more universal: it should be possible to execute the sheet or any statement in a sheet alone as well as call it from outside and pass parameters.