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This glossary provides definitions for terms used in this guide:

  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • AUT: Application Under Test
  • DOM: Document Object Model
  • Framework: A way to organize test cases, test sets, data, parameters, and configurations using a holistic approach.
  • GIT: Global Information Tracker. Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface
  • IDE: Integrated Development Environment
  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
  • Page Object / Module: A user-defined global object with a repository and actions, which is part of a testing framework.
  • REST: REpresentation State Transfer
  • SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
  • SPIRA: SpiraTest or SpiraTeam - the preferred test management tool for Rapise.
  • UI: User Interface
  • XML: eXtensible Markup Language