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Assert is an essential operation for testing and validation. RVL provides special structure for it to make it more readable.

Assertion has 2 parts: 1st row is Assert containing assertion message and then goes Condition:

... Type ... Action ParamName ...
Assert message string
Param param1
Condition condition statement
Param param2

Assertion first line is always the same except the Param Value.

In RVL Action always refers to an operation performed with object.

... Type Object Action ParamName ParamType ParamValue
Assert message string Assertion text to be displayed in the report
Param param1 string Text1
Condition param1!=param2
Param param2 string Text2


Compare object property InnerText with expected value:


Check if object exists on the screen:

Assertion object exists

Check if variable Age has value '74':

Assertion check variable value