Mobile Spy


The Mobile Spy is used to inspect applications running on connected Mobile Devices (e.g. Apple iOS and Android devices).


The Mobile Spy dialog shows a snapshot of the screen displayed on the connected Mobile device as well as the properties of the currently selected object. You can selected the object either by clicking on the screen snapshot or the control hierarchy displayed to the left. The properties displayed will depend on the type of mobile device being tested (iOS vs. Android).

Tree Pane

The spied upon object and its children are displayed here. When you click on an object it will also be highlighted in the snapshot pane to the right.

Properties Pane

Object fields and field values are displayed here.

Snapshot Pane

This displays a snapshot of what is displayed on the mobile device being tested. The objects in the snapshot are clickable, which allows you to visually select objects from the hierarchy.

Toolbar First Row

Toolbar Second Row

The Mobile Spy also includes toolbar controls that let you send events to mobile device from Rapise, as if you were actually performing them on the device:


This dialog lets you perform the following events on the device:



Maintenance Mode

Since Rapise version 6.2 it is easier to check and update object locators. If you launch the spy from the toolbar (it will be launched in Maintenance Mode) it will show the object tree in the right side panel.

Mobile Spy Maintenance Mode

To check an object locator simply select the object in the object tree. The result of locator test is indicated by an icon.

If an object is found it will be highlighted on the screenshot and selected in the tree of application objects (left pane).

To fix a locator for object that is not found do the following:

  1. Select the object in the object tree (right pane)
  2. Select the element on the screenshot or in the application tree (left pane)
  3. Press relearn button on the toolbar.

Mobile Spy Relearn

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