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New in Rapise 8.1 (December 2023)




RVL Enhancements & Improvements

  • Question mark (?) in Flow column of RVL [IN:8080]

    Applicable to Object.DoAction type of steps in RVL. If an object is not found, don't do the action and do not report an error. Use to interact with objects that may not appear during playback (e.g. Accept Cookies button).

  • Drag&Drop sheet into RVL should generate RVL.DoPlaySheet for local sheets [IN:8874]

  • Double click on boolean action param in RVL should negate current value [IN:8956]

New Object API


  • In Debugger disable Continue, Step In, Step Out, Step Over buttons when we are not paused [IN:7505]
  • UIAutomation Spy, add popup menu item to call Default Action [IN:7663]
  • Browserstack support, allow setting username in a profile and access key in an external file [IN:7939]
  • Upgrade JavaScript parser from ES2015 to ES2020 [IN:8051]
  • Update Object Manager Icons [IN:8101]
  • In Mobile and Web Spy rename top menu Spy to Spy Menu [IN:8117]
  • Ignore tag in the Execution monitor (show colored/formatted messages) [IN:8223]
  • Navigator.DoScreenshot should add screenshots to the Screen Flow area and allow labels [IN:8240]
  • On test set run automatically create an automation host for a local machine if missing in the Spira project [IN:8305]
  • F12 for DoPlayTest/DoPlaySheet/DoPlayScript [IN:8306]
  • Encrypt toolbar item for built-in Excel editor to encrypt passwords in data sheets [IN:8307]

    In built-in Excel editor select a cell and click Encrypt button in the Cells group on the toolbar.

  • Dashboard, exclude test cases with internal tag from showing in the tree [IN:8309]

  • Update default mobile profiles for Android [IN:8332]
  • AppiumDriver.FindElementByXPath and others should not throw exceptions when element is not found [IN:8335]
  • Allow to include unlinked test cases into a Test Set in the Dashboard [IN:8406]
  • Add support for automatic downloading of chromedriver for Chrome 115 and above [IN:8411]
  • Scale Recording Activity dialog so the buttons are fully visible on 125-150% [IN:8415]
  • Add New Dropdowns.xlsx Shared node menu item [IN:8423]
  • Dashboard, add a tooltip to explain reordering of test cases [IN:8433]
  • Dashboard, allow empty data files and user-defined values instead of column names [IN:8434]
  • Make SeSVSUnit friendly to 64-bit xunit.console.exe [IN:8454]
  • Improve Disp error messages for NodeJS engine [IN:8468]
  • Improve heuristics for detecting window name when learning/re-learning [IN:8477]
  • Improve support for recording/learning SVG elements [IN:8494]
  • Disable Activation menu item until we get information about the license [IN:8518]
  • Add Verbose Level to the list of built-in framework parameters [IN:8519]
  • UIAutomation, improve object name detection (sometimes use ID instead of Text1, Text2) [IN:8659]
  • Allow /../ in UIAutomation locators to select parent element [IN:8660]

    Example: ../[3]/Button[1] - go to parent, then 4th child, then find 2nd button.

  • Add ComputedStyle property for Web objects to show in Verify dialog [IN:8690]

  • Upgrade SeSWait to do progressive Sleep [IN:8692]
  • Enable usage of Web Spy and Mobile Spy in the same test [IN:8693]
  • Allow , as path separator for Find in Files dialog [IN:8695]
  • Make it impossible to edit autogenerated .js files [IN:8702]
  • 🚀 Performance optimizations for Spira Dashboard (link/unlink/search) [IN:8736]
  • Enable interactive mode in custom hooks for file save and Spira save [IN:8737]
  • 💡 Upgrade to NodeJS 18 [IN:8738]
  • Enable Execute on Host of the original test set [IN:8739]
  • Add Show Disk Files root node item and Add All Files folder menu item in Files view [IN:8764]
  • When new browser/mobile profile is created the active test must switch to it [IN:8784]
  • 🚀 Optimize Test Case tree reload [IN:8809]
  • Update UsingReporting sample to include HTML generation in the end [IN:8812]
  • Allow to import files into Shared section in Framework Mode [IN:8876]
  • It would be great to have Rename for Shared files [IN:8878]
  • Add popup menu Reveal in Explorer for Folders [IN:8879]
  • Allow choosing of an active configuration in Choose Test Case dialog [IN:8886]
  • Show shared PO objects as [Objects@POName] [IN:8893]
  • Add Connection Timeout setting for Rapise Launcher [IN:8897]
  • Allow to override Chrome binary location from GetWebDriverNonProfileCapabilities [IN:8948]

    caps["binary"] = "c:\\ProgramData\\Inflectra\\Rapise\\SeleniumChrome\\119.0.6002.0\\chrome.exe";

  • Add column number limit to Spreadsheet. [IN:8972]

  • Rerun Failed Tests on Host must copy Release information to a host-specific Test Set [IN:8991]
  • Make LastObject and LastAction from RVL available in JavaScript [IN:8993]

    it's now possible to use these variable in callbacks, such as SeSOnReportMessage.

  • 💡 Change icon for .trp file [IN:9002]

  • 🪛 SAPUI5 table structure changed, update DomSAPTable object [IN:9064]
  • When running multiple test cases - show the report in Hierarchical, Collapsed mode [IN:9071]
  • Play All and Play All (Recursive) for Test Case groups [IN:9094]

Bug Fixes

  • Hide SOAP/REST tab when switching/creating test [IN:8061]
  • Updating a license requires Rapise restart to apply the change [IN:8224]
  • WebService.DoExecute must return true on success [IN:8316]
  • A file with name debug is created in application Bin folder [IN:8334]
  • Renaming Object fails in RVL Editor if there is an object with the same ID in one of previous test cases [IN:8345]
  • Switching browser/mobile profile in the main window dropdown does not affect Play Selection in RVL [IN:8352]
  • Page Object > DoInvoke action ignores LastConfig.user.json [IN:8364]
  • Crash of Mobile Spy on monitors with 250% scaling [IN:8393]
  • Expanding/Double Clicking a Main.rvl.xlsx node in Test Tree scrolls the whole tree to the top [IN:8407]
  • Creating Sub-Sub-Test leads to adding a Group [IN:8408]
  • Update Copyright year in About dialog [IN:8410]
  • Adding file using + and reloading of Functions/Variables are slow in big projects [IN:8412]
  • Double-click on .rvl.xlsx file somewhere on the bottom, scrolls Test Tree to the top. [IN:8413]
  • File / Add To Framework / Spreadsheet fails to create a shared spreadsheet [IN:8424]
  • Load From Spira filters out repository files based on Filter in Synchronize Files dialog [IN:8426]
  • Parameters page crashes if new Data File added to Shared section [IN:8427]
  • Create Spreadhseet dialog does not submit data on Enter [IN:8428]
  • Managed library is slow finding elements on playback [IN:8443]
  • Intermittent issues in Managed targets [IN:8453]
  • Return back popup menu item Collapse All for Object Repositories [IN:8458]
  • WebDriver.FindElementsByXPath does not work with frames (returns empty array if there is @@@) [IN:8459]
  • Report is empty when running Global.DoRunTestSet [IN:8460]
  • WebDriver.FindElementsByXPath/CSS are broken, frame support is not working [IN:8462]
  • SeSSpreadsheet does not support files with quoted values [IN:8466]
  • Navigator.DoScreenshot is crashing if Alert/Confirmation is shown [IN:8467]
  • Forbid Page Object names: User, Main, Objects [IN:8469]
  • Global.DoLaunch should also attach to a process with exactly same path as provided [IN:8486]
  • SaveAs does not copy Profiles folder [IN:8487]
  • Recording Activity dialog, Edit action, Action dropdown is empty [IN:8488]
  • If DoAction returns 0 it should not be considered as failure [IN:8489]
  • Self-Healing feature is broken in Framework Mode [IN:8505]
  • Web Spy doesnt show up for 2nd time [IN:8506]
  • Selenium, alerts/confirmations are vanished by Screenshots or ExecuteScript [IN:8511]
  • SeSOverrideAction is not working [IN:8558]
  • Make RealFolder tag optional [IN:8559]
  • Chrome prefs in Selenium profile converted to string [IN:8569]
  • Selenium targets do not load WebAppProfile handlers [IN:8572]
  • Recording Activity dialog, last captured object in Web is always HTMLObject [IN:8573]
  • Generated play.cmd does not work with NodeJS default engine [IN:8631]
  • Global.DoCmd destroys Execution monitor [IN:8635]
  • Rapise CDM license, generate non-generic Machine ID for AWS VMs [IN:8647]
  • Mobile Spy and Web Spy window settings become corrupted in some cases [IN:8691]
  • RVL weird resize effect on open [IN:8715]
  • Clicking + for large projects is causing a great delay [IN:8725]
  • Web apps that use Prototype library break Click recording [IN:8783]
  • Video recording in Android does not save local mp4 file [IN:8792]
  • Android.DoSwipe does not work with relative units [IN:8793]
  • Object Tree Parser, only parse shared and user files by default [IN:8808]
  • g_util.Base64Decode fails to decode string [IN:8827]
  • Recording Activity dialog shows incorrect XPath on Edit [IN:8850]
  • Objects inside Shadow DOM that is inside a Frame are not recorded [IN:8851]
  • Save of DOM tree into XML does not work for Shadow DOM [IN:8855]
  • Calling local sheet with RVL.DoPlayTest producing failed test report [IN:8875]
  • Forbid creation of Test Cases and Modules with reserved names [IN:8880]
  • Adding Cross Browser library to an existing desktop test produces an error [IN:8889]
  • Dropdown for Mobile and Selenium profiles is terribly slow [IN:8920]
  • Combobox recording in Selenium-Edge does not work [IN:8930]
  • Offline Deactivation shows error and it's not clear what to do next [IN:8931]
  • UIAutomation PasswordBox SetText is not properly recorded [IN:8947]
  • UIAutomation: When spy covers LISWpf window, the learn from Spy captures window Rapise Spy [IN:8952]
  • Framework clone, then save to Spira with Git repository, it links to previous repository Test Cases and Test Sets [IN:8973]
  • Saving of old type repository can corrupt the repository in Spira [IN:8992]
  • Saving JS file in a test with SOAP Service reloads SOAP panel [IN:9018]
  • Recording of a Web combobox is catching body behind the dropdown [IN:9020]
  • RapiseLauncher leaves test sets in In Progress state in case of internal errors [IN:9062]