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RVL Object

Some common tasks related to script execution, such as calling scripts, executing separate sheets, returning, exiting and bailing out is served by RVL.



DoPlayScript(/**string*/ scriptPath, /**string*/ sheetName)

Play RVL sheet sheetName from workbook scriptPath passing [extraParams] for variable values.

  • scriptPath: Path to script
  • sheetName: Excel sheet containing the script
  • [extraParams]: default variable values see RVL Extra Params


DoPlaySheet(/**string*/ sheetName)

Play RVL sheet sheetName from current workbook passing [extraParams] for variable values.

  • sheetName: Excel sheet containing the script
  • [extraParams]: default variable values see RVL Extra Params


DoPlayTest(/**string*/ sstestPath)

Executes specified test with passing of additional arguments specified as extraParams. It is an analog of Global.DoInvokeTest

  • sstestPath: Path to test
  • [extraParams]: Param values to be passed into test. May then be accessed via Tester.GetParam.

To pass sheet name use extra param name sheetName. The test at sstestPath should have Test function defined like this

function Test(params)
    RVL.DoPlayScript("Main.rvl.xlsx", Tester.GetParam("sheetName", "RVL"));


DoPlayTestParallel(/**string*/ sstestPath, /**objectId*/ threadsMap)

Executes specified test in parallel threads passing additional arguments specified by in threadsMap map. There are as many threads as there are rows in the map.

  • sstestPath: Path to test
  • threadsMap: The name of the map defining params. 1st column - Thread ID (alphanumeric, i.e. THREAD01), other columns - parameter variables, i.e. column name g_browserLibrary, values 'Selenium Chrome', 'Selenium Firefox', etc.
  • [extraParams]: Global variable values common for all threads.


See Also


Exit(/**string*/ message, /**boolean*/ isError)

Break execution at the specified line

  • message: Exit message
  • isError: Specify 'false' if you want just exit without exit message


GetDropdownValue(/**string*/ id, /**string*/ idList,
                 /**string*/ valList, /**string*/ xlsPath)

Remap dropdown value from one list to another

  • id: Value to remap, the value should be from the column idList.
  • idList: Column name of the list where id belongs to.
  • valList: Column name of the list with values.
  • xlsPath: Optional path to Dropdowns.xlsx. If not specified then %WORKDIR%\Dropdowns.xlsx is used.

Example. Suppose we have the following definitions of dropdowns:

States Dropdown

Then the call

var stateCode = RVL.GetDropdownValue(stateName,

would return state code for state name. I.e. if stateName="Colorado" then returned value is "CO".

See also RVL Editor Param Dropdowns


Return(/**string*/ message)

Return from specified line. This method should be called from within RVL.

  • message: Return message


SetLocatorOpts(/**objectid*/ objectid, {optname:optvalue,...})

Set additional locator options for specified object. This is a way to modify various script parameters such as locator, xpath, url and thus find different objects.

  • objectid {/**objectid*/}: Object ID


Flow Type Object Action ParamName ParamType ParamValue
Action RVL SetLocatorOpts objectid objectid MyButton
Param locator_param1 string new value1
Param locator_param2 string new value2

All params going after objectid are optional and depend on specified object's locator.

If you want to reset all values to default value call this method with just objectid and no additional parameters.


FormatString(/**string*/fmtString, {optname:optvalue,...})

Format string according to the specified template. Template may contain placeholder values enclosed in curly braces, i.e.: My name is {name}.

Flow Type Object Action ParamName ParamType ParamValue
Action RVL FormatString fmtString string {first} plus {second} equals to {result}
Param first string one
Param second string five
Param result string 6

This Action should put string value one plus five equals to 6 into the variable LastResult.




Return path to currently executed .rvl.xls file.



Return sheet name of the currently executed .rvl.xls file.