Options Dialog

options dialog, general tab


Use the Options dialog to change the global Rapise settings. Your changes will apply to all tests.

How to Open

User Settings > Global menu item.



  • SplashScreen: A splash screen is the image that appears while a program initializes.  The Rapise splash screen looks like this:


Set SplashScreen to False to prevent the splash screen from appearing.



  • AutoReloadModifiedFiles: If set to True, any files you modify outside of Rapise are automatically reloaded in Rapise.
  • Confirm Object Removal: Ask when deleting object form the Object Tree.
  • Convert Tabs to Spaces: True to force tabs to spaces conversion for the text editor.
  • DefaultFolder specifies  where new tests are kept before you explicitly save them.  The location is relative to the Rapise executable.
  • Default Scripting Language: JavaScript, RVL or Ask.
  • LoadLastTestOnStartup: If set to True, Rapise will open the last test you worked on and saved.  If set to False, Rapise will create a new test named MyTest<#> where <#> is an integer.  A folder for MyTest<#> is created in the folder specified by the DefaultFolder option.
  • NormalizeFileName: If set to True, files are referred to (in the *.sstest file) using a a path relative to the *.sstest file.  Otherwise, their absolute path is used.
  • RecentTests: The maximum number of recent files displayed in the Recent Tests list.  To see the Recent Tests list, open the Application Menu:

    options dialog, recent projects

  • Remember Debugger Layout: If True, Rapise will remember the window layout for debug mode separately. For example, this may be useful if you want to work full screen while authoring the Test and half-screen to debug. This way the AUT and the Rapise debugger fit on the screen.

  • ShowCommonFileAliases: Legacy, not needed since Rapise 6.0.
  • Enable Execution Monitor: specifies whether the execution monitor dialog box will be displayed during playback.
  • ShowDashboardOnStartUp: If True, the Spira Dashboard will open automatically when Rapise is opened.
  • ShowStartPageOnStartUp: If True, the Start Page will open automatically when Rapise is opened.
  • Spira Integration: Enables all dialogs and menus for SpiraTest Integration.
  • Temp Folder: default folder for temporary tests.
  • Test Auto Upgrade: if set to True each opened .sstest file is automatically upgraded to the latest format.


  • FrameStyle: Specifies which frame to draw around objects when you Record, Learn, and Spy.

    The Basic frame is on the left and the Modern frame is on the right:

    options dialog, framestyle basic options dialog, framestyle modern * DefaultSpy specifies which of the various types of Object Spy will be displayed by default. * GenerateComments: True to automatically generate JavaScript or RVL comment for each recorded action.


options dialog, recent projects

Utility functions

  • Set of Open buttons:
  • Open Web Profiles Folder
  • Open Selenium Profiles Folder
  • Open Mobile Profiles Folder
  • Open Samples Folder
  • Open User Libraries Folder
  • Open Application Log Folder

  • Reset Layout - Pressing the Reset Layout button restores the default layout.  Rapise will restart.