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Source Editor

source editor


To display and edit javascript files.  The editor supports Syntax Highlighting, Syntax Checking, Code Folding and Code Completion.

How to Open

Use the Test Files View to open a javascript file.  The javascript file will be opened in a Source Editor, in the Content View.  The Edit Popup of the Main Menu will also be populated with text editor-specific options.


This feature enables post-processing of the saved text files. This may be achieved by defining a file OnTextSaved.cmd.

This file may be stored either common folder:


Or in the root of current test framework.

The cmd file receives the following inputs * %1 - file path (c:\Path\To\Test\File.js) * %2 - test working directory (c:\Path\To\Test)

Also Rapise sets two environment variables: * %SHIFT_PRESSED% is yes when user presses Shift key * %CONTROL_PRESSED% is yes when user presses Ctrl key

You may find an example of configured OnTextSaved.cmd used to beautify a JavaScript file.

If .cmd modifies the file, Rapise editor would immediately reload it.

If .cmd produces any output, it would be reflected in the Rapise output view.

If .cmd file produces any errors, these are reflected in the warnings view.

You may find real live example of OnTextSaved.cmd at

if "%SHIFT_PRESSED%"=="yes" (
    if "%~x1"==".js" (
        @call "%~dp0node_modules\.bin\js-beautify.cmd" -r --config "%~dp0jsbeautify.config.json" %1 >OnTextSaved.log 2>&1