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New in Rapise 6.6 (November 2020)




RVL Enhancements & Improvements

  • Ability to pass Sheet Name through RVL.DoPlayTest [IN:5682]
  • Find in Object Tree for objectId params in RVL [IN:5720]
  • Insert Row shortcut description is missing in the main Edit menu [IN:5854]
  • Highlight preamble when sheet contains variables only [IN:5891]
  • Add functionality of RVL button to main View menu [IN:5903]

New Object API


  • Rename toolbar button Test to Main [IN:5902]
  • Need New Test Case and New Folder in Save to Spira dialog [IN:4705]
  • Add Show XPath item to Object popup menu in the Object Tree [IN:5798]
  • Open sub-test in the same Rapise window [IN:5880]
  • Screen Flow should generate styled HTML [IN:5835]

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    Default preamble for generated HTML is located at c:\Program Files (x86)\Inflectra\Rapise\Core\Engine\ScreenFlow.html. You may define your own style and place it into the root folder of your framework. The name of the file must be ScreenFlow.html.

  • Increase Verify Object Properties dialog default size [IN:5838]

  • Execute TestSet from Spira toolbar - show better error message if Automation Host does not exist [IN:5775]
  • Update Rapise and RapiseLauncher .config files to support TLS 1.2 [IN:5818]
  • Reduce delays in RapiseLauncher execution for Scheduled Tests [IN:5879]
  • Show Comment field from Rapise report as Actual Result in Spira Test Run [IN:5932]
  • Attach last.trp, summary.log and error.log to Spira Test Run [IN:5931] [IN:5942] [IN:5936]

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  • We should use default WebAppProfile for recording if none is defined by user [IN:5776]

  • Replace DoSendKeys with DoSendText in DynamicsAx > TextBox > SetText [IN:5831]
  • We need a way to disable Execution Monitor for Parallel test runs [IN:5889]

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    Just set g_showExecutionMonitor to false. It can be done via test command line parameters.

  • Quick Setup mode [IN:5886]

  • Installation key that does not navigate to Welcome page and does not open Rapise and does not install local Help [IN:5882]
  • Migrate to .NET 4.7.2 [IN:5885]
  • Allow specifying ExpectedResult and SampleData for Spira report from Rapise [IN:5935]
  • SyncToSpira.cmd hook [IN:5934]

Bug Fixes

  • Global.DoDecrypt throws OutOfMemory if input string is not encrypted [IN:5731]
  • Global.DoTrim(true) does not work as described in the docs [IN:5769]
  • DXGridControl - error in FindCell [IN:5781]
  • Test case blocked in RapiseLauncher when Test Case name contains a quote (') [IN:5797]
  • Fix event based Double Click in all browsers (should use low level events) [IN:5809]
  • Relearn does not work after execution with self-healing locators [IN:5810]
  • CSS support is broken in Rapise [IN:5813]
  • DoEnsureVisible in Chrome returns wrong coordinates [IN:5824]
  • Save To Spira should save updated version of .sstest file [IN:5825]
  • Dynamics NAV - Verify Object Properties dialog closes itself for grid objects [IN:5836]
  • VB2JS Converter fails with some input VBS [IN:5853]
  • Register SeSHelper if it is not found in InvokeSeSHelper [IN:5861]
  • SeSExecutor does not clear summary.log before execution [IN:5872]
  • Encrypt password in rapise_launcher.log [IN:5876]
  • Remove _genXPathConditions from LibDomDynamicsNAV recorder [IN:5613]
  • Session.SetRequestHeader causes a failure if parameter is undefined [IN:5896]
  • Library defined WebAppProfile is always overloaded with the default one [IN:5898]
  • Double click on text node in Web Spy leads to Exception screen [IN:5926]
  • Appium client should disable SSL3 on startup [IN:5756]
  • Automatically reload Main.js when steps are recorded in JavaScript mode [IN:5549]
  • RapiseLauncher can run Test Sets in parallel in some cases [IN:5954]
  • Tester.CaptureDesktopImage does not work if used from a Web Test [IN:5941]