NeoLoad Convertor Dialog



The purpose of this dialog is to allow you to convert a functional test script from Rapise into a protocol-based performance script that can be executed using the NeoLoad performance testing tool from Neotys.

How to Open

Use menu Tools > Convert to Neoload.

Virtual User

In this field, you need to enter the name of the virtual user to create in NeoLoad:

Base Container

This specifies the base container  where we want to start the recording (Init / Actions / End)

Container/Business Transaction

This is used to specify the current recording container in NeoLoad. It is just based on a single level. There is no way to specify a tree of containers.

Detect Dynamic Parameters

When you check this box, Rapise tells NeoLoad to scan the protocol traffic to look for known dynamic parameters (e.g. Session IDs, ASP.NET ViewState) that change on each HTTP request and need to be parameterized by NeoLoad to ensure the performance scripts are robust and well-defined (v.s. having a hardcoded Session ID).